New material coming!

I know you probably come here for the photos, because, well let’s be honest: in the quilting world, words mean far less than photos. I can explain a stitch but when you see a picture of it, that’s WAY more meaningful. In person? EVEN better!

What I’m here to say is that I am here. I haven’t been posting pix – I had a bit of an issue with my tools but am almost back to full capability there. I have been busy writing on my personal blog (here).

So in the meantime, PLEASE please visit my Instagram site! That is where I constantly post photos. I will warn you, there are lots of photos and MANY of them are not quilt related. But, there are some beauties there and also a link to my Etsy store HERE, where I have recently posted about 30 quilt tops for sale, as well as a number of finished quilts. They are at quite reasonable prices. And of course, I can always negotiate.

My Instagram handle is @mariathequilter. Thanks for hanging in there! I appreciate you!!

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