This girl has been BUSY!

I truly love my job. Some of it is stressful, but I still love what I do every day. That being said, I had completely forgotten the great joy I feel from ‘kitting’ up these quilts! Finding a pattern, instinctively knowing what fabric was meant to be used for it, finding coordinating fabrics and the excitement of anticipation to put it all together – I can’t believe I forgot how fun that is!

I have been cutting ‘kits’ for days, literally. I cut one today, two yesterday and one the day prior. By cutting, I mean cutting out the pieces to be sewn. I do keep some intact for strip piecing, but many squares are cut to chain piece and other squares marked on the diagonal to become two sets of half square triangles sewn together.

I’ve also decided that I need to work on larger quilts, like some queen and king bed sized. For quite some time I was creating a lot of lap quilts. I still think this is a good gift practice – I don’t want someone feeling compelled to put their quilted gift on a bed. As embarrassing as this is to admit, I don’t even have designated quilts that stay on all the beds in my house.

That will soon be remedied. Well, relatively soon. Once completed, these tops will get stacked on the pile of other tops I’ve completed, awaiting their turn to get quilted. And maybe years later, bound. That’s my least favorite part…

Here’s where I decided to play with my non-scrap batiks:


I got a few groupings of these put together with patterns.

Here are a few examples:

I bought this magazine for the cover photo alone. I happened to get this one all cut out yesterday.


I have an admission to make here. I am terrible at following patterns. That’s why I’m not allowed to bake in my house. Cook? Absolutely, I’m good when I can wing it. Just not with specific and exact directions. So if I use a pattern, I have to write out what I need in a way that works for me. When I get to putting it together, it again will be by my own method.


I took out the red fabric bin to choose my fabrics. I got some of those and some black and white and grays from the scrap boxes for a really good mix.


In these cases, I had only a photo in a magazine to go by, so I used my trusty graph paper to formulate a pattern and calculate my required yardage.




The one above I even colored in the strips to ensure I remembered to alternate fabrics within the two different blocks in the pattern. I’m so frustrated – I knew I should have kept this magazine out with the page tabbed. I shared this with a friend and she was having trouble grasping it so I told her I’d look for the original photo in my stack of magazines. I have looked for two days now, to no avail. Still can’t find the darn thing.


This one needed no pattern. I have a variety of these adorable holiday prints, and will simply make them into 4-patch blocks with sashing (likely in white) with scrappy cornerstones. Haven’t cut this one up at all yet. I’ll maybe wait until July when I’m wishing for cold weather to come back around.

I am so excited for retreat! I have two small wall hanging sized quilts that only need borders. Then I’ve got probably 8-10 already cut projects just ready for me to sew! It will take me a while to finish them because not one of them includes large block pieces, but I look forward to it nonetheless.

Maybe at the March retreat I just signed up for I can include some big block quilt patterns for a few quick finishes. But between now and then I need to get back to my longarm as well, so I can get back on track with my workload. And I am excited for that too!



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