Recycling? Upcycling? Let’s just say not wasting

I’m speaking specifically about my batting, but I did actually have to go through my cutting scrap and pull out the bits of flannel that were larger than about 1″ square. I just didn’t feel right throwing it out because I can use it for SOMETHING!!

I was cutting it because I have so much flannel and Homespun and I knew I wanted to make a rag quilt. I’ll put up pix when it’s done, which will be a while… sorry. Anyway, I cut up a bunch of squares and counted them, thinking I could make a bunch of these quilts. Nope, I had to cut about 300 more squares to reach my 800+ total to make a double sided rag quilt that would measure around 70″ square. So back to cutting flannels. 

Today I decided to cut the batting squares for the center of each square for the quilt. I cut my flannel to 4.5″ square, so I cut the batting between 3-3.5″ squares. Any batting that was large I left whole as a good piece for a charity or personal quilt (piecing batting is not uncommon, it’s just not done in customer quilts).

I’m glad I did this because I have a better idea of my stock of cut black, cotton and poly blend batting. And where I have put them. That’s the trouble with getting organized – I can never find anything afterwards.

So any batting, ANY, like wool, poly and cotton, that was a strip I cut, which significantly reduced my ‘stash’. But not all the trimmings to make my batting squares were little bits. There were some bits that were 2″ wide!

If you have a longarm machine, then you may know where I’m going. Some longarmers will swear not to use batting for cleaning, but some of us will use it and our machines still work just fine. It’s also great for dousing with rubbing alcohol to clean the wheels and tracks on my machine. So these little squares are useful, and I’d rather have an abundance at some times than run out and have to cut from my batting roll to use for cleaning!

Anyway, the point is, that even when you have very small scraps of something, if you are just a bit creative or insightful, you can figure out something to use that for. In fact, I’m thinking maybe I should grab the little bitty bits left from the batting so I can use it as stuffing for a pin cushion or something. Hmmmm. 🙂