Hobbies are a fantastic way to ease one’s mind after a long day at work, or during some free time on the weekends, whenever it is we find the time to give to ourselves. My hobby used to be quilting, and I had always wanted a garden. I finally had the opportunity to grow a huge vegetable garden, but it was really laid out for me in the house I moved into back in Olympia, WA.

So coming here to Texas and having the yard to make a garden, I finally dug in and made one! Well actually, I built it up. It’s a raised bed, about 25 feet long by 4 feet wide, 18 inches deep. I put over 4 yards of soil and compost in it, but thereby didn’t have to deal with tilling this dang clay soil.

Last year I planted a number of crops, the only one of which that grew being the okra, which I had no clue how to cultivate, so I planted seeds and let it go. Well, I ended up with many 6 foot tall plants and enough okra to make a few stews and some fresh fried okra (yum!)

But everything else started up and died. So this year, building the raised bed, I’ve taken more care in feeding and fertilizing my soil with organic matter and liquid feed. The pictures below show the sprouting proof of my tender care! The beauty of my garden is that I know there are no chemicals added or in the soil, no GMO’s, no wax coating on the produce. I will be able to feed myself and my children all natural goodness at near no cost! Happy gardening my friends!