Sports jersey quilt

In this case, it was hockey jerseys. And the boy-man that wore these jerseys was NOT small.

hockey jersey quilt

This quilt was quite hard to make due to it’s size (it’s a queenie) and the weight of the jerseys. There were 25 panels to deal with, each measuring 17″¬†wide by 18″ long.

Eachc panel was stabilized and trimmed, then sashing added to give a little separation to each panel. I appliqued a few patches with the team names onto the top and quilted it in my steadfast manly stitch style.

This is a great stitch to use with tough materials.

triangular meander


With parts of these jerseys very thick (like the necklines and the patches) I had to be very careful with my hopping foot to get over those spaces for an even stitch.

So my main point is that really, a quilt can be made not just from t-shirts, or even baby clothing. This quilt required the same thought process of a t-shirt quilt = use stabilizer for each block, trim it square, be aware of stretching while attaching sashing, iron, trim, iron, trim, etc. Then when quilting, watch out for the trouble-generating areas, like where there were thick seams.

You can make a quilt out of home decor fabric if you like. Just consider how the fabric will react in each stage of the process (buckling, stretching) so you can work with it for a great end result. And look for resources to help you (most quilters are super happy to share info). Happy quilting my friends!