Whole Cloth Quilt

Most of the time I have a top to quilt, I find my inspiration in the fabric and the pattern. I use those aspects to guide me. Sometimes the client’s situation brings forth inspiration to what to quilt.

For example, I once quilted a double wedding ring quilt in all-over hearts. The backing was heart-filled material, and the quilt was lovingly made for the woman’s daughter-in-law, dying from brain cancer. It only seemed fitting to cover the entire thing with hearts.

I just today finished what is basically a queen size whole cloth quilt. I applied some larger applique pieces on the center, and otherwise had a vast, white kona cotton to play with. I made the quilt for a man to give to his wife for their anniversary, and he had no specifics aside from the applique portion as to what he wanted the quilt to look like. We priced it based from an all-over quilted design, so I had to think carefully to fit all these points.

What I ended up deciding to do is a beautiful pattern of curls and arcs, with feathers randomly placed throughout. It creates an eye-catching pattern, because the curls and arcs continue in various directions, almost swirling about the curling feathers, but it isn’t too arduous of a pattern to complete.

I am very pleased with the turn-out; we shall see tomorrow what my client thinks! Happy quilting my friends!