A Feel Good Day

Today began like any other school day for me, but soon became a feel good day for me. What do I mean by that? Well… I’ll explain my morning and hopefully you can relate that to a day when you felt like I do now.

Usually after I drop the girls off at school I take the time to exercise, usually walking my favorite path.

Today I decided instead to get moving on my extensive “to do” list, which I figured would involve enough movement to get my blood flowing.

I loaded my car with my boxes and bags and drove first to the Goodwill. I dropped off clothing and toys the girls had decided they no longer needed as well as some adult clothing.

Next stop, the Post Office. I mailed off my most recently quilted Quilts Of Valor Quilt to the woman who will bind it.

I stopped in Petsmart next, as I wanted to ensure we had plenty of cat food before the weekend, and I still needed to pick up some litter. About six months ago, after seeing the commercials, I did some checking and found (just like they say!) that the food I was feeding my fluffies was full of just qabout everything BUT meat. So I switched them to Blue Brand, and they actually consume quite a bit less volume of food, so the increased cost is mitigated some, and the switch was well worth it.

As always, the first place I head in the store is to the back area that houses the Adoption Center. Today there was only one kitty. His name was Peanut, and he was an almost red tabby male that was soo adorable I had a hard time leaving him there. Unfortunately the shelter people were not present, so I couldn’t take him out to hold and pet and play. Since I was there, I picked up two little sucker fish for Amy’s tank, to help out with the algae. She’ll be pleasantly surprised when she gets home!

My next stop was to Sprouts, one of my very favorite markets. We’ve been eating what seems like bushels of apples lately, so I found the organic section and loaded up.

I have also been checking labels more carefully, especially on juices I buy for the girls (the vino is for me, not for them 🙂 ).

I could hardly believe that EVERY SINGLE apple/fruit juice at the local Kroger had apple juice from China. So I’ve returned to buying my juice from Sprouts alone, to ensure I avoid my girls ingesting excess chemicals. I purchased a few other healthy goodies for my family and headed out with my reusable bags filled to the brim.

Upon arriving home, I put away the groceries and watered all the plants. I finished stuffing my mini bell peppers and baked them for the weekend, as well as baking an acorn squash for lunch.

So although my activities today were in fact small tasks on my “to do” list, everything I did made me feel like I accomplished something positive. We donated clothing, I mailed a charity quilt that I quilted, did my best to give an adoption kitty some love, and bought healthy, organic produce for my family. I feel pretty good.

I hope you are feeling good about your choices today as well my friends! Happy day!