if you are a parent of a teen, this is a great read!

mom's therapy hour

She’s a Sixteen.  Still my baby girl and also practically an adult.  Not ready to live her own independent life, but in some ways, completely ready.  Still dependent on me for the basics of care and transportation, yet capable of food preparation, employment, banking and transit navigation.  Naive to many things and also worldly with original thought and human assessment.  So where does she need me and where does she not. When is it my place to step in and when is it better for me to step back.  A couple of years ago this was much easier to answer.  As a young teen, I know that she needs so much more of me.  Now as a mid-late teen, I’m reminded of what people in our family history have done at these young ages.  My grandmother was married with a baby on the way.  My own mother was on her…

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