Next Year’s Challenge

This year’s challenge is almost over, and I’m happy to say that I have December’s quilt planned, as well as a bonus quilt for January! Once I get through Christmas rush I will be able to get December’s top actually completed.

In fact, I need to get them finished AND quilted! I have several speaking engagements scheduled over the next year and a half for my new program = One Block, 12 Quilts. That will be the result of this experiment! I’m very excited for it!

Part of the program will be using different batting and quilting densities so the audience can see and feel the difference in drape, thickness, heaviness and look of quilts made with different types of batting. Should be fun, once I get it all worked out!

SO!!! While I was working at the quilt shop today, one of my friends asked me what I’m going to do for next year. ummmm…… I don’t know.

I hadn’t even THOUGHT about it yet, but that was such a great question! After what I’ve learned this year and have shared, I can’t just go into next year without another one!

I gave some thought to making a quilt in different colors every month, but I don’t think that is interesting enough. Maybe every month I make a scrap quilt. THAT is doable, could result in VERY different looks and styles EVERY month, and best of all, would help me use my scraps (which seem to be procreating every time I turn around).

Anything in particular you’d like to see?


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