Monthly Block – August Version COMING SOON

I was sort of smacked from the side at the arrival of August, and up until last Friday, I hadn’t even thought about what I would DO for this month! Fortunately I made my decision quickly, found some fabric to work with and started cutting.

So I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what’s to come. I will also divulge that September will look familiar, but as with every month so far, it will also be different.

Last year, a local quilter make a model for the store that had sort of an ombre look to it. The pattern was leaves with a light background, all batiks, and it was quite striking. So that was my inspiration for this month. Once I found the colored pencils in my daughters room, I sketched it out and then found some fabrics to work with.

august sketch

august sketch

specific placement of colors

specific placement of colors

This is my makeshift design wall. I was so excited about this I got up at 530a and started on it. So this piece of batting was great until the sun came up. Then I had to move it over so the light didn’t shine through the window and mess with my eyes.

pieces on design wall

pieces on design wall

OK, that’s it. That’s your teaser. After a little time on the beach I will get this girl finished up and post the results. Until then, happy quilting!



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