Monthly Block – February Version

This one turned out awesome. I can honestly say that I am thoroughly exhausted, as this quilt top was pretty much constructed between yesterday and today.

OK so for a quick refresher, here is the block I found in a magazine:

"THE" block

“THE” block

And here is last months version of this block made into a quilt top:

finished quilt top

finished quilt top

For this month’s quilt top, I had decided when I was constructing last month’s that I wanted to use this purple dyed fabric with white. Beyond that, I hadn’t made any commitments. About midway through February, I had a chance to do some coloring, to get an idea of what I wanted to do:



You can see I drew the blocks together, and then put sashing with darker cornerstones around the outside. I originally planned on putting the blocks together, but thought again that without sashing, it would be too muddled. When I added the sashing and matched the centers to it color-wise, I really liked the look.

So yesterday, realizing how late it was in the month, I got to work. I really didn’t procrastinate, I was working on this for a client for the Dallas Quilt Show:

for quilt show

for quilt show

It took me (literally) 2 full weeks to quilt. If you get out to the show, look for it!

Then I volunteered to make this one for a store model:

store model (stop and go)

store model (stop and go)

It’s hanging at Quilt Country if you’d like to see it in person. I picked up the fabrics Sunday and brought it back, pieced, quilted and bound Thursday morning.

I’ve been quite prolific this month.

Anyway, back to the block…

So I cut my strips and squares and after deciding to use only plain white for the blocks, cut that too. I found this light purple (left) I thought would be great for the centers and sashing, but it seemed sort of bland. So I took what I thought might end up as the border (right) and put that behind some pieces to see how that would look instead. The blocks came alive!!

choosing light purple

choosing light purple

So I cut what I needed from that and somehow got everything assembled today! I used the white as a small inner border and the dyed purple as an outer border and I LOVE how this turned out!

February quilt

February quilt

I also ensured the placement was correct on the blocks, so the arrows REALLY come through! It has a much cleaner look than last months quilt top, perhaps that had too many colors mixed in. At any rate, I am really happy with this result!



I will definitely get to work on the next month’s version of this block sooner than I did this month! I will post soon about garden progress and other things. In the meantime, happy quilting my friends!




2 thoughts on “Monthly Block – February Version

  1. wombatquilts says:

    I really like both versions of this block and there is definitely more contrast and definition with this months top…but I love the unique pattern that last months top had. Using the two colours with the blue arrows produced a fabulous result.

    • Thank you! I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I was walking to a client yesterday about scrap vs. put-together quilts. She couldn’t stand the thought of not having fabrics picked out and specifically placed, whereas I LOVE scrappy quilts. Some colors/combinations appeal to one eye, to others it can be an entirely different palette. I plan on continuing this concept for the year to try a different look every month (I’m thinking next month of swapping the position of the purple and white to see how that changes the look). I really think a pattern can become something very personal and unique just based on a few choices. Thanks for reading!

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