Monthly Block – January Version

Ok, we’ll see how this goes. Once upon a time I was a VERY A type personality. Since leaving the corporate world and rediscovering my sense of humor, I have also become a bit disorganized. All of which I am OK with, I’m just hoping I can keep this together for the duration of the year and continue with this project without fail.

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, I am happy and ready to share :).

I decided to make a quilt top from my turquoise scraps. I usually find my inspiration in magazines, so I was scanning through a few I had pulled out of my stack. Sometimes it’s from a pattern in the magazine, sometimes a photo of a quilt on the wall of a showcased store. In this case, it was a block:

"THE" block

“THE” block

Far from being my colors, I already knew I wouldn’t recreate it in drab greens. I also knew it would be MUCH scrapier than this example, as she used the same fabrics for all her rectangular blocks. I began to look through my blue scraps to see what I had. Then I started to wonder if it might be more exciting with even more color to it.


drawing it out

drawing it out

While I was drawing and coloring, I was thinking this would look too busy, and maybe I should add an alternating block – white outside with a 4 triangle center. Then I thought, maybe I should sash it and add blue cornerstones instead. I love sashing. So of course, that’s what I went with.

I also decided for color placement to keep the center’s of the squares white, as well as the sashing, and the remainder of the blocks parts to be made of turquoise/bright pink and turquoise/lime green. The block in the magazine shows 9″ finished, so I decided to make the quilt 5 blocks across by 5 down, 25 total. With the sashing and a border, I thought that would make a nice lap sized quilt.

After that it was just a matter of cutting my scraps and sewing them together. I made 13 green blocks

green block

green block

and 12 pink.

pink block

pink block

I set them every other block.

quilt top center

quilt top center

I waited to decide on the border until the next morning. Overnight, I had a thought of doing a triple border, each strip the width of the sashing, but in the pink, blue and green, from the same fabrics the blocks were made. But when I held strips up to the quilt hanging there over the back of my longarm machine, I didn’t like how it looked.

Before I do things like borders, I put a strip of what I’m thinking along the edge of the finished portion and take a few steps back and squint. Yes, squint. It just works.

I considered for a bit not adding any border, but I ALWAYS add borders. As a quilt appraiser, I can tell you that borders not only frame a quilt and finish it, they add value. So I looked at a strip of green, and then a big strip of pink, didn’t like either, so I decided on a solid white border.

finished quilt top

finished quilt top

Then I looked over at my table and realized, maybe this had something to do with my color palette inspiration!



I feel like this particular quilt belongs on a Caribbean Island or something. In the meantime, it will sit on my shelf with all the other quilt tops I’ve made that I have yet to quilt. Hopefully it won’t be there tooooooo long…

Part 2 of this project will be making a block, or perhaps an entire quilt (I suppose an entire quilt would better showcase what it is I’m trying to do here), differently. When I was finishing up another quilt, I found some purple and white tie dyed fabric. I thought maybe I will make the next quilt from that alone. Or maybe all purples and white.

One month I plan to do it with black instead of white/cream as the offsetting color. I will likely do one in fall colors, mixed up though, not separated by blocks. I should probably do one set on point, and perhaps one month I will do the alternating block idea.

So THE PLAN is to continue this project every month, and the PURPOSE is to show how different a quilt can be and look based off the colors and setting chosen.

And the secondary purpose is to infuse you with creativity, inspiration, and the empowerment that YOU can really do this with almost any pattern! You can make it what you want, you CAN make it different than what the instructions tell you. It’s kinda fun to not follow the rules sometimes ;).

Happy quilting my friends.



2 thoughts on “Monthly Block – January Version

  1. Kimber says:

    I love this one!!! Simple, detailed and beautiful.

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