Resolutions vs. Goals

I’m an avid listmaker. Always have been. Before I had things I actually needed to make lists to keep track of (like my daily to-do’s), I made lists of things, words that rhymed, types of animals, whatever entertained my childish mind. But as an adult, it’s no surprise to me that I continue to rely on, and actually enjoy making, my variety of lists.

One of those lists revolves around 2013, and quilting. By default, I decided not to make any resolutions this year. Actually I didn’t even think about making any, I just plumb forgot. So I guess it’s not that important to me.

What I decided WAS important to me was making some goals, personal and professional. I haven’t delved into personal aspirations yet, but have made my list of professional goals for 2013. They’re pretty basic, but I think making them will keep them in the forefront of my mind, and help me keep focused every week/month/quarter to ensure I’m doing the best I can to grow my business in the direction that I want it to go.

Some are more specific than others, but all are measurable. For example, I have decided that I need to spend time every week on a charity project. Even if that means working for an hour piecing a top to donate, then I have satisfied my self-imposed requirement. I like this goal, because I know how important that work is to me and how good I feel about doing it, so it isn’t a chore, but this goal is a good reminder to do a little bit every week; make time for it.

I (of course) want to generate more income on a monthly and annual basis than in previous years (which would indicate a successful business from the standpoint of most people, I think), but this year I want to ensure I am putting aside funds for taxes on a regular basis, so it doesn’t feel so painful when Uncle Sam comes a’knocking.

I have a few goals with respect to my guild involvement and marketing, fabric buying (this might be tough, because I want to cut back), updating the pictures on my website and blogging regularly. All in all, I think this list is functional, rather than a string of pipedreams or unattainable measurements. Just enough to keep me focused for the year.

Happy quilting!

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