trucking along

Not sure why I haven’t written, since I have been feeling quite creative lately. Seems like I want to put all of my creative energy into making quilt tops, which makes sense I suppose, since I have to quilt out of my normal environment for a bit.

I do have my stash of projects (see previous post on that…), so I’ve felt inclined to work through them, and told myself when I get through those then I can make up some new ones. Well, I did start three new projects, but one I am finished with and a second one I am fervently making progress. It’s a small wall hanging, but here is the finished top:

So let’s see… I don’t think I had this one finished last time I posted, but essentially it’s still not finished. It’s really bright, much more so than I anticipated, but I think once I get more fabric for the border it will be more appealing.

Then I finished up with my Halloween squares. I actually have more of this center panel fabric, but I need a break from it for a bit. So I made these tops in a simple manner, but varying from each other slightly.

Then I had squares left over (before I realized I had more of the center panels…) so I took this magenta bat fabric that I was going to use with the center panels, but decided it didn’t coordinate, and stripped it with the remaining squares I had already sewn together in a long strip. I ended up using almost every square, and each strip I’d cut from the batty fabric. Just need more of the border fabric to complete it (it will be black with stars on it).

I know I had finished this one, a simple but beautiful top.

That put me in the mood to make more sophisticated and less playful quilts, and to use the colors of fall. The problem is that the two quilts I decided to make I actually have patterns for, and I don’t usually use patterns, so this was sort of hard for me to have directions I was supposed to follow. The result was that I got partway through cutting for one of the quilts and set it aside.

But the Jacob’s Ladder is coming along nicely. I have my 4blocks finished and my border blocks and triangles all cut.

I’m not sure if this one is next (haven’t quite decided which of this pile of fabrics to use yet),

or a simple pattern I got from a sewing group that I will use batiks with. Not sure the colors I want to use so this one is still marinating in my brain.

And then I want to do this one, which is interesting because I’m really not a big triangle girl…

Oh and I got this panel just before it ran out at the quilt shop! So many ideas of what to do with this!

And then… more triangles on the bench… but it looks SOOO cool!!

Now of course the trouble is that those projects from my previous post??? well, most of them are still on my shelf awaiting my attention. I got through the HW quilts, and that moda diamond quilt with the great corners, and cleared out a Quilt of Valor and customer work, so…

I guess all that matters is that I’m productive and making things. That makes me happy, especially knowing that some of these will go to charity. 🙂 And maybe by the time it gets cold again here in Texas, I’ll have some of these quilted so someone can enjoy the warmth and beauty of them!

Happy quilt making my friends! I’m getting back to it!


5 thoughts on “trucking along

  1. Sally says:

    I love them all! Now if only I could finish the two quilts I started several years ago after doing a quilting course! Btw is the machine quilter easy to use?

    • You can do it! sometimes i get like that with projects, and they sit for years without being finished. i just have to dive back in and it feels so good when i finish! Quilting on the regular sewing machine is difficult unless your project is quite small. Using the large longarm machine is a lot of fun, it just takes some practice.

  2. Kimber says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your kwilts!!! (my “kue” button is broken LOL) So much talent – LOVE seeing the pictures!!

  3. chindeep3141 says:

    gorgeous as usual Maria!

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