Latest Quilt Of Valor

I love working on Quilt of Valor projects. They are randomly assigned, and when they are, I get an email and communication begins with the quilt maker. It has always been positive, and simple, and lately it seems like the quilt maker just wants me to provide batting and quilt it, then send it back to them for the finish. That’s fine by me :).

When the quilt arrives, I am eager to see what the quilt maker has chosen as far as pattern and color. It is often red, white and blue, but not always! There are a variety of patterns and degrees of difficulty to these quilts, which means I need to carefully choose the quilting stitching I want to use. One style will not work for all.

But I also know that this quilt was made with a veteran in mind. And I quilt it with that reverence. I am so proud to be able to give back in this manner.

I was super excited this time, despite being completely unsure of how it was going to turn out when I first opened the box. Once I took the quilt out I noticed that near every square had more than one fabric with stars in it. But I think stars need to be WITH something to look good. I’ve done a meander with stars, loops with stars, but those didn’t seem just right for this quilt.

And then it came to me. The blue fabric has shooting stars. I have quilted a flame-like meander. I thought, I should combine those because the streaks would make this look like shooting stars!

OK, now to select the thread. Well, when I have QOV’s that are red, white and blue, I like to use my variegated thread in those colors. Sometimes that can prove difficult. This quilt had more of a cream color to the top, and a plain white muslin back. Hmmm. Wait! Variegated thread in the bobbin is easy, so if I use that for the back, and then a cream on top, I will satisfy my color requirements and not have to deal with thread breakage issues!

So I got to work, and quickly finished. I am very pleased with the result!


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