ZBQ Pizza

Heard that before? Ha, I’m sure you have. With the countless pizza chains and local pie shops to choose from, it’s inevitable that everyone has at least one personal favorite that they can’t imagine anyone else surpassing. But I really think this is it.

Once upon a time, I lived in the great state of Washington, and there was a road along Hood Canal through Seabeck that was one of my favorite Sunday drives. The town of Seabeck wasn’t really a town, more of a few buildings clustered together. But there was a pizza joint there, aptly named Seabeck Pizza. We stopped there once to try a slice, and never went to another pizza place after that. 

I can’t tell you specifically what it was about that pizza that I so much enjoyed. I just remember the proportions of wood-fired crust to fresh tangy sauce to melty creamy cheese being perfect. Or maybe it was just the view.Hood Canal and Olympic Mountains from Scenic Beach State Par

Then we moved. A few times.

Upstate New York is beautiful. The small town of Saratoga Springs is packed with visitors to the races in spring, but during the other months, it’s wonderfully quiet and serene. Going downtown is like stepping back in time, with street lamps along the sidewalk and shops and restaurants side by side standing tall and narrow, inviting you into the warmth within their doors. There were two establishments in particular that caught my fancy there: one was Mino’s Sushi and the other was the pizza place.

D’Andrea’s Pizza was amazing. This place was a single entity, i.e. non-chain restaurant, offering a wide variety of slices and in an eccentric environment, which was part of it’s charm. Once you entered, this place definitely didn’t seem like it fit in this little upscale town, but every time we went in, we left with a box of many slices and eventually had an empty box.

Fast forward about 10 years to Dallas, and a recent discovery of The Pure One. Yep, THE one. I’d actually tried their pizza before and honestly I was not really impressed. But then… Joey and I went there for something different for dinner, and have never considered any other pizza.

Their menu has a variety of choices. I chose the gluten free crust, not because I had to for dietary reasons, but because I wanted to try it. What they served me was an amazing, crunchy bottom, chewy top, slightly sweet, cornmealy crust which was perfectly fired. My topping choice was a menu selection: “Berkeley Vegan”.

Joe had the Thai pizza.

He said his was the best but I thought mine was better. I’d say that is a pretty good sign of good eats.

Their offerings are not limited to delicious pies on varying crusts. They also dish up salads, appetizer plates (I am really eager to try the Mediterranean plate), which includes olives, hummus, feta and more.

They also serve have pasta and warm and cold sandwiches as well. Just take a look for yourself! www.zpizza.com.

We have had them deliver since; Joe ordered the American, while I enjoyed the Napoli. I can’t wait to go back again and have another small pie all of my own; there are so many intriguing flavor combinations to try!

I truly apologize for tantalizing your tastebuds if you are so unfortunate as to have no Z nearby. But if you have your own pizza heaven, please share your favorite slice spot! Happy munching my friends!


4 thoughts on “Z BEST PIZZA EVER!

  1. chindeep3141 says:

    oh my! looks fabulous! When you were talking about Hood Canal…reminded me of this AMAZING bbq sauce that jeff’s bro and sister in law get for us from that very area called “Hood Canal Mud” THE BEST BBQ sauce i have ever had. EVER! As far as pizza goes, I thought I had had good pizza, great pizza, the BEST pizza at a few joints in the twin cities, San Fran, Boston, NY, Chicago, bla bla bla….Nope. The best pizza I’ve ever had was a pizza that Jeff and I made on our own grill. I’ve traveled far and wide searching for the best pie…I’m an Italian girl. (Grandma Darling is a Favilla). Even she admits the best slice she’s ever had was a slice that we grilled in our back yard 🙂


    • that’s awesome! well, i love home made so that just gives me one more reason to make it here! and i’d think it’s inspiring to others that you truly can make it better for yourself, since you know what you like! thanks for sharing!!

      • chindeep3141 says:

        there are directions on my blog if you guys want to give it a try 🙂 It’s actually pretty simple once you do it a couple times…sounds harder than it is. I have a specific recipe for one that looks pretty darn similar to the Thai pizza that Joe liked. xoxo

      • I remember reading about when you made it how pleasantly surprised you were a how amazing it was! I will definitely be going to your archives/folders to take a peek again!!!

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