My Patriot Child and Me

Amy’s class had an assignment related to 9/11/01, each student being responsible for writing a poem. At the same time I had an appointment in Dallas, requiring me to drive the freeway. On my way south I noticed one of the huge flags I often see flying above car dealerships – they seem so disproportionately large I can’t help but notice them. They way those majestic symbols are carried by the breeze, appearing to vacillate in slow motion, rippling beautifully as if they have nothing else to do but appease my gaze.

So I thought I would post on these two intertwined topics. Amy’s poem amazed me and I told her I’d post it, and holding true to a mother’s word here is my 10 year old budding poet’s first piece:

“The Twin Tower’s stood tall and straight / When Osama Bin Laden crashed one with hate. While everyone stood and stared / At 10:28 it collapsed with despair. / Then when he crashed all the passengers were dying / Families just started sobbing and crying. / When he crashed the other Twin Tower / The day just kept getting more and more sour. / Then a few hours later when the second one collapsed / They were getting suspicious that this was an attack perhaps.”

By: Amy Davis

Her words fill me with great sadness from the memories, and great pride in my country. The view I had that day of the flags flying high, after our day of national mourning made me feel very strongly how great it is to be an American.

Coincidentally (or maybe not?) one of my Facebook friends posted an article from the Smithsonian’s website a day or so later, which I very much enjoyed reading. I’ve posted the link HERE for anyone who might enjoy reading up on a little history of our star spangled banner.

And I nearly forgot to include this picture of the front and back of a QOV quilt I just received. This quilt was made for a veteran and will be given through the Quilts of Valor program once I finish quilting it. 🙂

Happy day of freedom my friends!


4 thoughts on “My Patriot Child and Me

  1. chindeep3141 says:

    Love this post. Thank you Amy for the sweet, poignant poem…and Maria for the picture of the quilt. While I don’t like to think about what happened on 9/11 (who does?) I do think it’s important to keep the memory of it close. To not get too comfortable thinking we’re untouchable. I remember…I remember…I remember…

    • the moment these many years later is for me a passage back to childhood, hearing my mother talk of JFK or Elvis, and how it didn’t mean anything to me at that young age but affected her so deeply. I get that now, and was pleased Amy seemed to understand some depth to it, even though she was all of 11 days old!

  2. Kimber says:

    WOW what a tear-inducing, deeply poignant poem by an insightful, sweet & talented young lady!! Tell her how much we appreciate her sharing this with us!!

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