Taking a Mental Moment

This is my term for taking a break = removal of self from a circumstance or situation that you are currently immersed in and feel the need to break free from. We don’t always have the opportunity to escape from the office, or just run out the front door when the kids are driving you batty, but taking that moment can really be as simple as locking yourself in the bathroom, turning the light off and the fan on and sniffing at the lavender candle on the toilet tank until you feel calm.

My favorite place to take my mental moment is nearby the house, and I can (actually have to) incorporate some exercise with my jaunt down the path. It offers everything that queues my brain to relax, which in turn makes the rest of me relax, and breathe easier. I find that by the end of the path, I have been breathing slow and deep, I have a slight smile and a positive attitude. My worries turn into action items on my list. It’s as if this short escape completely transforms my persona and outlook for the rest of the day. And believe it or not, it’s just a path within a little greenbelt area between housing communities.

So of course I am including pictures to share with you my little slice of serenity. Unfortunately the babbling brook (well not now, due to our drought), rustling leaves and chirping birds are not included. Nor is the smell of fresh grass and blooming trees and flowers, or the water trickling under the wood bridge.

But maybe, if you look at the pictures, you can close your eyes and imagine your own version of where your perfect mental escape would take place. Then take a deep breath, and return to the world around you ready to conquer all.

Peace my friends!

5 thoughts on “Taking a Mental Moment

  1. chindeep3141 says:

    This is an awesome post! Love the serene pictures. It reminds me of something I posted a while back, on the subject of relaxing and meditating. Great message, Maria. Thanks! Here’s a link to my post, if you’d like to read it.

  2. chindeep3141 says:

    It’s a great message to share, and a wonderful thing to try to practice in our daily lives. xo

  3. Kimber says:

    Ohhhhh thanks Maria, I needed that little walk this morning!!!

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