The Joy of Quizzes

No worries kids, this isn’t pop quiz time from school that you very clearly remember dreading, as the whole class moaned in disgust… or distress. No! This is the fun kind! The kind YOU get to tell the world (or just your close friends, whatever you choose, really) ALL ABOUT YOU!

I hope you enjoy this little post, and think about, or even post your own answers to these questions. I have to give credit for this unique idea to Dana Stenholtz, as guest blogger on my favorite blog ChinDeep (you really must follow her; I love reading her everyday)!! Click here and here to see quiz results from some of my wonderful friends!

So, without further ado, here are my exciting answers to these nail-biting questions:

Color: RED, the darker the better

Type of music: everything except Reggae. My latest obsession is country music

Band: Queen

Singer:  Freddie Mercury (Queen lead) and Monserrat Caballe (opera). They sing together on Barcelona, such a great CD.

Romantic movie: Don Juan De Marco (sigh)

Scary movie: Labyrinth. I watched Dawn of the Dead at my 13th BD party sleepover and really haven’t been able to stomach anything scary since. So to me, this is about as scary as it gets (ya, muppets are SO scary!)

Dramatic movie: The Saint

Funny movie: The Jerk

Animated movie: Disney’s Robin Hood (the one with the foxy fox)

All time favorite movie: Tie between Real Genius and Armageddon. Real Genius has a very handsome and quirky young Val Kilmer, while Armageddon has romance, humor and the best song ever. I do really like To Kill a Mockingbird too…

TV Show (past or present): My daughter got me sort of hooked on Pretty Little Liars, but I’m a Chopped fan through and through.

Cartoon: The Tick was my favorite. He’s just not on anymore 😦

Talk show: none. I’ve never really had a thing for them, or soaps, which leaves significant portions of my day open for other things.

Food: yes. no meat tho. Thai fixation has lasted quite sometime now…

Dessert: mint carob chip Rice Dream. It’s super good!

RICE DREAM Mint Carob Chip Pint

Pizza topping: MUSHROOMS

Fruit: cantaloupe

Veggie: potatoes, asparagus, brussels sprouts

Drink: wine, just not too dry and never blush

Cereal: good steel cut oatmeal, cinnamon or peanut butter Puffins (organic), cinnamon Cheerios are pretty good too.

Store: Quilt Country (seriously, I am not brown-nosing). I could literally THOUSANDS of dollars in that store. If I ever come into some money, this will be my first spree 🙂 (see earlier post on material obsession).

Book: While I agree with my quiz predecessors about the sheer unfairness of this question, because there are just too many amazing reads to list, I think I can narrow it down to a few for the purpose of this task. I love to read anything Ayn Rand, but Atlas Shrugged is my favorite of hers. Tom Robbins uses the most amazing illustrative phraseology, and my favorite of his is Jitterbug Perfume. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is another favorite, but the movie DOES NOT do it justice.

Magazine: Cooks Illustrated

Wild animal: polar bears

Pet: if I was living alone I’d have about 28 cats in here. But Fred, in particular, is my fave.

Month: November

Day of week: Thursday is THE best! I was born on a Thursday AND… Thursday is sooooo close to the weekend that you have the excitement and anticipation of the weekend, but it’s not yet there, so you don’t have the stress of not having plans yet!

Time of day: sunset

Season: Autumn

Holiday: Thanksgiving – there’s just so much good stuff!!! Family gets together, fall weather and sweaters, football to make us howl like crazies, food to make us sleep on the couch…

Flower:  sunflowers

Letter: Well, if I was playing Scrabble it would be S!

Number: 38

Finger: I guess pinkies, cuz those are the smallest and my nails never seem to break on those fingers!

Insect: ladybugs

Country: America!!!!!!!

State: Washington – I really miss living there…

City: OOOHhh, this is the tough one for me. I’m not a city girl, but I’ve been to a variety of them and I have loved certain aspects of each. Montreal took my breath as being so big city metropolitan and multi-cultural/lingual. San Francisco has it’s own elegant seaside beauty, Seattle has so much to offer and see and do, and Olympia will always be my granola city ;), with the most amazing farmers market, hilly residential streets and great restaurants and pubs. Fort Worth has a wonderful cowboy charm, East Coast cities each have their own historic tale and Chicago is so busy, with so many stores and people and the river running through it. I also really loved my summer visit to Red Wing, MN.

Shape: square,     cuz it’s all even and stuff. 😀

Sport to play: I like to run and swim

Board game: Scrabble

What do you think? Copy and re-post your answers here


7 thoughts on “The Joy of Quizzes

  1. Kimber says:

    I love these quizzes!! So much fun!! You can find my answers here http://chaosinheels/

  2. Kimber says:

    It’s hilarious – as if FB wasn’t enough to connect us, we’re all following each other’s blogs too!! I am loving it I have to say!!!

  3. chindeep3141 says:

    I love you my lovely blogging babes! Excellent answers, Maria! Thanks for the link!
    PS…I really enjoyed your summer visit to Red Wing too! xo


  4. chindeep3141 says:


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