Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

Haven’t been? You are seriously missing out! Not sure what a “retreat” is (I’m talking the noun, not verb type here)? Well… it’s like a mini vacation that someone might take to get away from life just for a few days. You retreat to a location with others that enjoy the same hobby, get tons of work done (if you like, it’s not required), mingle and chat with new and old friends, eat great home cooking and have fun.

I recently enjoyed my first quilt retreat at the lovely Heavenleigh Escape just outside Decatur, TX. The drive itself was beautiful; we’ve actually been on those roads previously on the motorcycles. Arriving to the retreat I found a log home with a red steel roof, flower beds and shrubs lining the stone path to the door.

Looking around I noticed the horses, cows, the mule (which I later learned goes by the name Jack) and plenty of chickens roaming around, a few are in their caged area below.

I also later discovered their pig, Wilbur, a skinny kitty and 4 dogs, one of which was nursing.  We were fortunate enough to meet the five tiny, three-week old puppies a bit later in the weekend.

Upon entering the retreat, I found a quaint kitchen with a breakfast bar and a large work area. It was bedecked with plenty of tables, an ironing area, tv’s, cieling fans and a rocking stereo system. There was a bathroom and bedroom on the main floor as well.

At the top of the stairs I found another meeting area, with plenty of seating and a large TV. There was another bathroom, 3 additional bedrooms and a door leading out to the deck. I was so excited to be there I could hardly wait to get started!

I did end up completing quite a few projects, all from my stash of UFO’s (unfinished objects) that had been sitting in a bin, some up to a year! They were in various stages of perparation – I had some blocks cut already, some were just a collection of materials I knew I wanted to make something from. Check ’em out below!

We listened to a variety of music and watched 2-3 movies over the weekend. Our host, Tammy, was the MOST AMAZING cook! She took eggs from the chickens outside for breakfast and made plenty for everyone at every meal, including dessert after dinner.

Oh and here are the little schnauzer puppies:

She also hosts scrapbooking retreats, and the retreat is available for weekdays as well as weekends. If you are local, I would HIGHLY recommend checking THIS out. If not, ask around your local quilt shops for a retreat near you! It’s such a great, relatively inexpensive getaway. For me, it was invigorating and I can’t wait to go back again!

Happy quilting my friends!!


5 thoughts on “Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

  1. chindeep3141 says:

    What a beautiful place. It sounds like you had the perfect combination of getting things accomplished and relaxing. I love going on retreats. I’ve only been on a couple scrapping retreats and they were pretty awesome. I’m looking into some knitting/crocheting/spinning retreats for me and my friend Jana this winter. Your quilts turned out gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure!

    • My mom was just on a knitting (I think) retreat up in N AZ. I really did enjoy it. I sent some quilt patterns to a lady in NC who was hosting a retreat for mixed interests and had two quilters coming. So I was thinking maybe I should get some friends together and do a retreat that way! I think it would be just as much fun and maybe we’d all learn something about each others hobby!

  2. chindeep3141 says:

    That’s a great idea! I’ve actually thought about hosting a “Crafting” retreat for my friends at The Sanctuary. It would be SO cool if you could join us! 🙂

  3. chindeep3141 says:

    I’ll keep you posted!

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