Family Fun Crafts

I have always been sincerely devoted to doing things that are productive. Literally, anything I involved myself in had to have an outcome that achieved something, or produced something that I felt was valuable, usable or necessary in some fashion. My lesson has been learned, that there is much value in the actual act of artistic exertion as well as the visual pleasure gained upon completion of the project.

Recycled ToteBut, as an ode to the old me :), I am sharing this website, which has some great ideas that are in fact, productive. Some of the projects listed here are just fun, and some have a purpose that YOU may find useful! The one pictured above is one of my favorites! It’s made from those plastic grocery store bags!!!

Cardboard Petal Picture Frame

What I really love about this site is that there are constant updates to projects that mirror the season. We have searched for neat costumes to make at Halloween, Valentines handouts and boxes for notes and party ideas for Independence Day.

I hope you find some fun there, or if nothing else, perhaps some ideas  on how to keep your kids busy! Check out!

One thought on “Family Fun Crafts

  1. chindeep3141 says:

    love the tote bag!

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