MN Quilt Show

I make it a point to attend as many quilt shows as I can find time and excuses to visit, especially when it means I can visit an area outside my local city. In this case, I wanted to visit friends and family in my old stomping grounds, and I was able to coordinate the timing with a quilt show taking place in St. Paul during my stay up there.

My daughters and I met my friend Beth and her mom at the show and spent the entire day shopping the vendors and perusing the show quilts. By the time we left our feet were SO SORE!

The vendors ranged from “Ghana Crazy” handwoven baskets from Ghana (,

ghana baskets


hand dyed fabric (, african panels and fabrics (, thread, notions, machine vendors and antique quilts. 

antique quilt


And we couldn’t pass up the ewe pins at the wool shop (

my EWE


The show quilts were from various states. Submissions came in from all over the state of Minnesota, as well as Montana, Utah, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona and Colorado, just to name a few states. There were quilts created by children, art quilts, including an exhibit showing 16 quilts with a river flowing continuously through each. There was also a beautiful special exhibit from the Corea Quilters Association. The most unique creation I witnessed was one made of denim fabrics, namely jean parts.

denim quilt


There were so m any beautiful and intricate quilts, some with extensive quilting, some simply done. My favorite quilt was “Earth Mother”, submitted by Laurie Ceesay of WI.

earth mother

The quilting shown on the following quilts is amazing and inspiring. There were many hand quilted quilts, that must have taken volumes of hours to complete, but I was more taken with the machine quilted pieces. If you would like more information about the MN quilt show or quilt guild, click here!



One thought on “MN Quilt Show

  1. chindeep3141 says:

    I’m checking out the MN quilt guild. Thanks for posting the info. 🙂

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