We have produce!

I am quite happy to report that my garden is showing signs of produce! It’s not near the volume of the guy down the road, but I’m happy it has something to show. Some plants have fruits, some have flowers, some both! I should be happy with all the rain lately, but I think my garden needs to dry out a bit. I’ve got some rouge mushrooms popping up in the bed.

After all the lightening, my green beans have come back to life. I had previously thought they were getting too much nitrogen from my fertilizer, and being next to the peas, which need a lot of fertilizer, I was unsure of what to do. Mystery solved! I will continue with garden food as soon as I give the garden a good rest from moisture. Hopefully that will encourage some upward growth!

For a closer look, click on a picture.

Happy gardening my friends!

3 thoughts on “We have produce!

  1. chindeep3141 says:

    Awesome! SO excited to see tomatoes on my plants.

  2. chindeep3141 says:

    yum! what are you planning on canning this year?

    • I am hoping to have enough beans, maybe tomatoes for a sauce or pico, and I’ll definitely have enough okra! My girls eat peas fresh from the garden so the won’t even make it in the door! My beets and peppers aren’t growing very fast, and I can’t pick the asparagus until next year. I ate the radishes right after pulling, and I don’t think I’ll have enough carrots to do anything except maybe kitchen sink type pickled relish. But I might be able to do something with the squash! Oh and the cucumbers!
      Now my neighbors have peach, pear and fig trees, so those will be canned as soon as they are ripe!

      I’m really excited about the corn – corn straight from the garden is AMAZING! WAY sweeter than the grocery store corn. I know I’ll have tons of potatoes too, but I don’t have a pressure cooker to save those. Regardless, NONE of it will go to waste!

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