The BEST snack chip EVER!!

I found these in a bin on sale at Kroger a month or so ago. Then I found them at the local Sprouts Market. Now, they are also found in my pantry, every single day. 🙂

The brand is “FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD”. Their food DOES taste good! They offer both large bags and single serve, in a variety of flavors. My personal favorite these days include the Multigrain and Sweet Potato chips, both vegan, among many other wonderful qualities.

The chips are GMO free, certified Kosher, all natural, no MSG, etc. The list literally goes on. For more details, please visit their website (included below!)

These chips are fantastic, crunchy, lightly salted and very few ingredients, which allows all the natural flavors of the main ingredient to shine through. I find myself satisfied with FAR fewer of these chips than the more highly processed brands.

I encourage you to try their product. They encourage you as well! There is a $1 coupon available on their website! Check it out!

Happy snacking my friends!!


One thought on “The BEST snack chip EVER!!

  1. chindeep3141 says:

    These sound awesome! Thanks for recommending.

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